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Online Learning - Pre-K & Kindergarten

animated online coloring page
Upper/Lower Case Dress Up
Pre K - K
Correct matches earn more dress up items

animated online coloring page
Patterns & Shapes
Pre-K and up
Create patterns and pictures from shapes to earn fish to decorate a fish tank
seek and search online game
Ages 4 and up
Complete the black and white jigsaw puzzle then color the completed picture
animated online coloring page
Math Addition Dress Up
Kindergarten and up
Earn dress up items for your poodle with the correct sums
seek and search online game
Seek & Search
Ages 4 - 10
Practice letters of the alphabet,
shapes, and more in this hidden
objects game
written numbers to ten word search
Written Numbers Word Search
Kindergarten and up
learn numbers in spanish
Learn Numbers In Spanish
Kindergarten and up
learn counting online
Learn Your Numbers
Ages 4 - 6
Count to find the largest or smallest group, or which group has more or less

Learn Your Alphabet
Ages 4 - 6
Identify objects with letters of the alphabet








online learning games for babies

online learning games for toddlers
2 & 3 Year Olds

online learning games for Pre K and Kindergarten
Pre-K & Kindergarten

online learning game for grade and elementary school
1st & 2nd Grades

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