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Programs at Barrington Academy - Private Preschool Environment & Program

Your child has worked and learned so much through play and exploration from the moment they entered our world and has finally reached the day when they will begin the Preschool portion of the journey. This important final step in preparation for Kindergarten and the academic years beyond lays the foundations of success that your child will build upon throughout this year and into the future.

A Program Dedicated to Quality:

At Barrington Academy, we make the necessary preparation to set the stage for your child’s preschool success before the children enter the classroom. Our teachers have the required academic degrees and experience which guarantees our children and parents the highest quality leader for this foundational year of learning. Our teachers are your partners on the road to mastery of the necessary skills in all of the key areas of learning, including: Physical Development and Motor Skills; Social and Emotional Development; Approaches to Play and Learning; Communication, Language, and Literacy; and, Cognitive Development and General Knowledge.

Teachers and Staff of Barrington Academy are committed to providing your child(ren) the highest quality learning experience which supports multiple learning styles, fosters an awareness and respect of diversity, and achieves not only the Early Learning and Development Standards for the state of Georgia; but, which successfully supports children to achieve emerging or beginning mastery level skills aligned with the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten.

Utilizing the Pinnacle Curriculum as the framework of our classroom experiences, teachers create a warm, welcoming and enriching environment that your child will be excited to explore each and every day. Through explorations in science, geography, culture, reading, mathematics, art and sensory opportunities, we successfully foster positive relationships and experiences for every child as they prepare for the road ahead. Ours is an interactive environment full of lessons children choose in addition to the directed exercises provided by the teacher. It is a rich and fulfilling learning experience of the highest quality.

Homework and Assessment:

Assessment for readiness at Barrington Academy is a quiet endeavor that is conducted through careful observation and planning on the part of the teacher and directors. Each child is assessed regularly throughout the school year and progress is communicated at bi-annual conferences which parents are expected to attend. At conference, the teacher will happily share social/emotional, developmental, and academic progress observations of your child; yet, your child will never feel as if he or she has been tested.

Do preschoolers have homework? If a child is showing particular interest in a topic under discussion or if a family requests support materials for home, these are provided. Mainly, our teachers enjoy planning a creative monthly project which children and parents can complete together at home and which returns to school for sharing time and classroom display. This project is often specifically aligned to the character education topic or theme associated with each month of the curriculum; but, allows students and parents to work together to creatively produce a project that reflects who they are and which celebrates the family and the individual. Additionally, teachers may suggest interactive word games great for playing on the go and as a family as well as sight word reinforcement activities. All activities are suggestions and are not required.

Note: The preschool program welcomes students who are four years old by September 1 of the current year. Students under the age of four who show advanced academic and social/emotional skills and for whom teachers agree that the preschool environment will be developmentally appropriate,may be considered for early entry. A child should have attended Barrington Academy for a minimum of one full year prior to consideration to allow for an ample observation and assessment period.

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"Hello I am the mother of Michael and Stephanie Sell. We moved to the Atlanta area in July of 2010 and enrolled the twins at Barrington Academy that month. Being Military we have to move often so sadly they were not able to finish the full year at Barrington. We were transferred to Syracuse, New York just this April. When we went to the local Elementary school to begin enrollment for the twins to begin Kindergarten this coming up fall. The principal suggested they go ahead and test the twins to find out what level they were on, they passed with flying colors. They could write the ABC's, upper and lower case. Count to 100 and count by 10's, add and subtract numbers below 10, and knew sounds of the letters,rhymes, shapes and answered any question they were asked they were ahead of the kindergarden class by strides here in Syracuse, NY. We were told they would be able to go right into first grad this August with no issues at all. We would like to give a big thank to teachers at Barrington. They gave special love, attention and understanding to our twins and helped them to over archive to this level. We are very happy and miss you all."
~ Paul and Jeri Sell

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