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Programs at Barrington Academy - GELDS (Georgia Early Learning & Development Standards)


Sub Domain


Physical Development and Motor Skills


PDM1: The child will develop healthy and safe habits



PDM2: The child will participate in activities related to nutrition.



PDM3: The child will demonstrate and awareness of the body in space and Child's relationship to objects in space.



PDM4: The child will use senses to explore the environment and process information.



PDM5: The child will demonstrate gross motor skills.



PDM6: The child will develop fine motor skills.




Sub Domain


Social and Emotional Development


SED1: The child will develop self-awareness.



SED2: The child will engage in self-expression.



SED3:  The child will begin to develop self-control.



SED4: The child will develop relationships and social skills with adults.



SED5: The child will develop relationships and social skills with peers.


Sub Domain


Approaches to Play and Learning


APL1: The child will demonstrate initiative and self-direction.



APL2:  The child will demonstrate interest and curiosity.



APL3: The child will sustain attention to a specific activity and demonstrate persistence.



APL4: The child will engage in a progression of imaginative play.



APL5: The child will demonstrate a cooperative and flexible approach to play and learning.


Sub Domain


Communication, Language, and Literacy

Receptive Language (Listening)

CLL1:  The child will listen to conversations and comprehend for a variety of purposes.



CLL2: The child will acquire vocabulary introduced in conversations, activities, stories, or books.


Expressive Language

CLL3: The child will use nonverbal communication for a variety of purposes.



CLL4: The child will use increasingly complex spoken language for a variety of purposes.


Early Reading

CLL5: The child will acquire meaning from a variety of materials read to him/her.



CLL6: The child will develop early phonological awareness (awareness of the units of sound).



CLL7: The child will demonstrate increasing knowledge of the alphabet.



CLL8: The child will demonstrate awareness of print concepts.


Early Writing

CLL9: The child will use writing for a variety of purposes.


Sub Domain


Cognitive Development and General Knowledge


CD-MA1 - The child will organize, represent, and build knowledge of quantity and number.



CD-MA2 - The child will manipulate, compare, describe relationships, and solve problems using quantity and number.



CD-MA3 - The child will explore and communicate about distance, weight, length, height and time.



CD-MA4 - The child will sort, seriate, classify, and create patterns.



CD-MA5 - The child will explore, recognize and describe spatial relationships between objects.



CD-MA6 - The child will explore, recognize and describe shapes and shape concepts.



CD-MA7 - The child will use mathematical problem solving, reasoning, estimation, and communication



CD-SC1 - The child will demonstrate scientific inquiry skills.



CD-SC2 - The child will demonstrate knowledge related to the dynamic properties of earth andsky.



CD-SC3 - The child will demonstrate knowledge related to weather and climate.



CD-SC4 - The child will demonstrate knowledge of living creatures and their environments.



CD-SC5 - The child will demonstrate knowledge related to physical science.


Social Studies

CD-SS1 - The child will demonstrate understanding of his/her family and an emerging awareness of their own culture and ethnicity



CD-SS2 - The child will demonstrate an understanding of his/her community and an emerging awareness of other's culture and ethnicity.



CD-SS3 - The child will demonstrate an awareness of geography in his/her community.



CD-SS4 - The child will demonstrate awareness of the demographics and economy of his/her community.



CD-SS5 - The child will demonstrate an awareness of, and the need to protect, his/her environment.



CD-SS6 - The child will understand that events happened in the past and how these events relate to self and others.


Creative Development

CD-CR1 - The child will participate in dance to express creativity.



CD-CR2 - The child will create, observe, and analyze visual art forms to develop artistic expression.



CD-CR3 - The child will use his/her voice, instruments, and objects to musically express creativity.



CD-CR4 - The child will use dramatic play to express creativity.


Cognitive Processes

CD-CP1 - The child will demonstrate awareness of cause and effect.



CD-CP2 - The child will use prior knowledge to build new knowledge.



CD-CP3 - The child will identify a problem, explore solutions to achieve an end result, and communicate findings.



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"Hello I am the mother of Michael and Stephanie Sell. We moved to the Atlanta area in July of 2010 and enrolled the twins at Barrington Academy that month. Being Military we have to move often so sadly they were not able to finish the full year at Barrington. We were transferred to Syracuse, New York just this April. When we went to the local Elementary school to begin enrollment for the twins to begin Kindergarten this coming up fall. The principal suggested they go ahead and test the twins to find out what level they were on, they passed with flying colors. They could write the ABC's, upper and lower case. Count to 100 and count by 10's, add and subtract numbers below 10, and knew sounds of the letters,rhymes, shapes and answered any question they were asked they were ahead of the kindergarden class by strides here in Syracuse, NY. We were told they would be able to go right into first grad this August with no issues at all. We would like to give a big thank to teachers at Barrington. They gave special love, attention and understanding to our twins and helped them to over archive to this level. We are very happy and miss you all."
~ Paul and Jeri Sell


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